Peaky Blinders Opening 10 mins: Scene 1

We’re analyzing the opening 10 minutes of Steven Knight’s crime drama Peaky Blinders.

How does Steven Knight grab our attention in the first few moments and draw us in?

Let’s study the action and dialogue:

Scene 1. 


A CHINESE MAN runs through a busy market, followed by a teenage GIRL carrying a baby.


Hurry up, or they will kill us all.

The Man and Girl reach another GIRL. Girl 1 hands the baby to Girl 2 (who looks about 12).

The next line is both shocking and funny.

Do your tits still have milk?

Girl 2 nods. Girl 1 hands her the baby.

(What?!! This 12 year old girl has milk in her breasts? She has had a baby?)

The Chinese Man looks desperate and worried at an OLD CHINESE MAN.


Where are you going?


They have asked for her.

Zoom in close to the anxious Old Chinese Man’s face.

So, how does Steven Knight grab us and draw us in in his opening moments?

1. He creates intrigue. Who are they? And why have they asked for a girl?

2. He shocks us.

3. He delivers an unexpected, funny, unusual line of dialogue.

And bang! We’re in.

That’s the opening 18 second scene of Peaky Blinders.

Click here for Scene 2.

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