Let’s study The Hunger Games 1

Before we begin our study, it might help to read this article from Industrial Scripts on writing a dystopian movie.

Writing Dystopia: The Keys to Crafting an ORIGINAL Dystopian Movie


I’m going to begin with the opening chapter to the novel.

My purpose for studying this novel and movie is I’m about to embark on dystopian story as novel and screenplay.

I aim to write both simultaneously.

I fact, I’m going to start with a short story (fiction).

Many years ago I sent off a one page synopsis to Industrial Scripts for this concept. (I stupidly lost the feedback but not before reading and reading it several times, remembering that the script report said the story actually had promise.)

And so, as a slow-motion multi-tasker, I return.

I’m giving myself the next 6 months to have a first draft novel and first draft screenplay.

And I’m going to follow the paradigm of The Hunger Games.

Now you know my reasons, I hope you join me on this exciting journey in learning how Suzanne Collins created such a brilliant novel – and how her, director Gary Ross (Seabiscuit, Big) and screenwriter Billy Ray (Captain Phillips) adapted the novel for the screen.

Stay tuned for the first study of chapter 1 of The Hunger Games.

What do you think?

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